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Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Steinhauer Vineyard Howell Mountain Napa Valley 2017  - Last Bottle

Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon Steinhauer Vineyard Howell Mountain Napa Valley 2017




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Last Bottle

Pull over the car, excuse yourself from that meeting, stop the Peloton, whatever, anything, just SPRING into action for 29 seconds because we got BERINGER CAB in the house! 94 POINTS…Over 60% OFF…say WHAT?!?!


Ah, baloney, of course we are!! Today we turn the wine world upside-down, heels-over-head, destroying every notion of what you should be paying for 94 POINT HOWELL MOUNTAIN cabernet sauvignon, from one of California’s most legendary producers… like Neo would say…WHOA!

A staggering, skin-tingling mega-deal is on hand (as long as it lasts!!) today, WAY over 60% OFF – we are hopping and pogo-ing all over the warehouse parking lot with pure joy. It’s important to note that you can easily spend $170 on this TODAY at the winery. It’s an incredible wine, and if that was the only price to be had…I might still go for it. But no need…LAST BOTTLE is here! Under $70 is what we’re flexing on this killer, structured, inky and luscious Howell Mountain monster. There’s not much to be had…but WOW!!!

Beringer! Established in 1876! Renowned CAB specialists for nearly 150 years!!! AT THIS PRICE? We should re-think this, maybe...anyway (*swirls and sips*) we’re well into our second glass, let us tell you of it’s charms…

“Luxurious” is what comes to mind right away…then BOLD, dark, and definitely NOT-FOR-THE-SHY! The perfume of lavender and rose petals, and spicy herbs, with hints of velvety chocolate shavings and mocha… it's got a ton going on. The flavors are red and black berries galore, and black cherries and plums, too, all melded together like a mixed berry pie at a highway roadstand traveling through the south. There’s a line out the door for this pie – and for good reason! Anywho… where was I? Oh yeah… 94 POINT Howell Mountain Cab…it’s rich and oh-so intense, with tons of fine texture and imposing structure, this has benefited supremely from the last 4+ years in bottle and it’s just getting started!!! It opens and changes with time in the glass, showing you different sides and just keeps getting better. Will age and evolve for another 20 years…EASY! Just outrageous stuff at our bonkers price. Did we mention the whole OVER 60% OFF part? Yeah? Ok, then…what else can we say other than…..HURRY!!

94 points

“A firm, silky red with blackberries and blueberries. Medium to full body, pure fruit and a fine tannin structure. Shows brightness. The tannins go over the border and form the wine. Drink or hold.”

~James Suckling

93+ points

“The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Steinhauer Vineyard shows a darker side of Howell Mountain. Black cherry, plum, grilled herbs, Menthol, licorice, and pine give the 2017 striking shades of brooding intensity. The Steinhauer is the darkest and most powerful of Beringer's 2017 Howell Mountain wines.”





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