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Gran Maestoso Primitivo Vendemmia 2019  - Last Bottle

Gran Maestoso Primitivo Vendemmia 2019




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Last Bottle

"Hey man, bring over something casual to drink for the BBQ tonight. Like $15 or something."

"OK, 98-pointer cool with you?"


And THIS is how Last Bottle, often, upends everything you know about wine, deals, pricing, scoring, and space/time wormholes. Absolutely crushable, lush, wickedly delicious Primitivo (an Italian close cousin to Zinfandel) that is spectacularly satisfying at our time-bending price, oh, and that other thing...98 POINTS???!!?!?

LUCA MARONI! Fun to say, right? Belt it out!! Luca is THE wine critic in Italy, so 98 points is saying something. Something like: "We should find a sample of this, taste it, and if it rocks, buy as much as we can." So we did. It's terrific, juicy, spicy, pure and flowing with blueberries, cigar box, toasted cloves, oh, and it's WAY, way more wine than you'd expect for our silly price. That said...98 POINTS ain't messin' around. Hailing from vineyards in southern Apulia near the town of Alberobello, this wine is hard to put in a box for you. Has the weight of Pinot Noir, the jamminess of Zinfandel, the complexity of some French Chateauneuf-du-Pape….but it’s all Italy. Aged in French oak for 6 months, this totally satisfies every craving for something pound-the-table-delish. Wish we had more! This wine gets huge scores year after year and the rest of the world is catching on!

Free ground shipping on 6 or more bottles.

98 points

~Luca Maroni

AlbeaLand is a cultural path, even before operational, to bring the producers with whom we have chosen to collaborate to give importance to quality, to the naturalness of the processes, to respect for the characteristics of the vines and consequently to obtain satisfactory results.

Technical Details

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Pulgia (Apulia)
  • Varietal: Primitivo
  • Alcohol: 13.50%

About The Producer

Harsh but generous land this of the countryside of Alberobello. This is testified by the vineyards and lush olive groves that surround the "city of the Trulli", but also by the golden expanses of wheat and the green courtyards of the farms, located in the most remote sites. They are privileged places where the relationship between man and nature appears more alive and supportive. It is in these places that Albea lives and works.




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