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Bindi Sergardi Achille Toscana Rosso 2019  - Last Bottle

Bindi Sergardi Achille Toscana Rosso 2019




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Last Bottle


If this drop-dead charming, exquisite and oh-so pleasurable new wine (just landed in the warehouse, yay!) from the formidable Bindi Sergardi family could speak, why, it would probably, soothingly, tell you to come over and have a big warm hug, curl up in a warm blanket in the Tuscan sunshine, make you some pasta and LET IT ALL GO. This is the best day ever, we think -- the new ACHILLE is here, same warm-glowy-skin price, from one of the finest vintages in years!!! GET HAPPY! Oh, but do it quickly....

If you remember from previous offers, Bindi Sergardi is literally royalty in this part of Tuscany, dating back to the mid-1300s(!), when the family led an army that defeated the Aretines and were installed as governors of the Republic. As they have for 600+ years, they continue to farm grapes, olives, and animals on their land. There is some crazy-cool history and pedigree here, and we're already missing them (we visited and tasted the new vintages in November). They are Sangiovese SPECIALISTS under the guiding hand of Alessandra Casini Bindi Sergardi and truly dang fine people, too.

** Still reading? This is one of our all-time faves and not quite enough, probably, to go around. In fact, we have a hardcore LB customer in the Bay Area who was SO enamored with it, he drove to Napa and wanted to HOLD it, which we happily obliged, then, we drank that bottle, and then, well, you know, hugged. Just sayin' -- this stuff is magic, every time! Shout out to John, nice handiwork - haha!! **

Bindi's new Achille is a breath of fresh air, warm, sunny, bright, pure, fresh, all raspberry all day, all sweet cherry and mint and citrus, so clean, so HONEST, my goodness, we love it. 100% Sangiovese, ORGANIC, sustainable, THE wine to drink with everything, everyone, all the time, sunshine or not. AT THIS PRICE?! Gold, baby, GOLD!!

Free ground shipping on 6 or more bottles.

Bindi Sergardi's origins can be dated back to 1349. For 23 generations, the family has been dedicated to wine making in Siena.

Technical Details

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Tuscany
  • Appellation: Toscana IGT
  • Varietal: Sangiovese
  • Alcohol: 13.50%

About The Producer

The wealth and personality of Niccoluccio Bindi allowed his son Marco to organize an army, which fought victoriously at Lucignano against the Aretines. The valor and the ability displayed by Marco on the battlefield permitted him to be elected to the government of the Republic of Siena.

We are in the last years of the fourteenth century, and the family leaves its feudal properties in Rapolano behind and moves to Siena. The Bindi's are successful: Giovanni in 1430 is elected to the new government of the Signoria and acquires the status of nobility in Siena.

In the mid-1500s Captain Gerolamo Bindi marries Calidonia Sergardi. They have no children of their own and decide to adopt Ottavio Sergardi, son of Calidonia’s brother. Thus the surname Bindi Sergardi is born.

Over the centuries, family members have always continued to invest and dedicate their energies to the cultivation of vines and arable land. Nicolò, the 22nd generation of the family and grandson of Elisabetta Bindi Sergardi, has believed strongly in scientific research of new vine clones and in the identification of vocated soils to enlarge and improve the historic patrimony of the family. Today, Nicolò's daughter Alessandra runs the estates of the family. Thanks to her tenacity and courageous choices the winery experiences new cellar concepts at the service of quality with a production that is entwined with the authenticity and integrity of its territory.

Pairing Suggestions

beef and venison




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